Andy’s Story


Andy always enjoyed sport and outdoor activities; he swam for the county as a youngster and he and his wife Steph try to get away a few times a year to do fun stuff like snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, trekking etc. But for many years, Andy tells us, he had trouble sticking to a fitness regime and was very inconsistent with fitness levels as well as controlling his weight.


Andy and Steph did our CrossFit Foundation Course in July 2017 and they both started coming to classes straight after. Andy gradually moved from one class a week to two, to three, to four – and from March 2018 he’s been doing five classes a week as well as our Monday night Mobility class!

Andy says of CrossFit: “CrossFit has caught my imagination more than anything I’ve tried before and I’ve stayed motivated and fit for over a year now. I was looking for a new Personal Trainer when I found CrossFit 2012 but I think this is better – it’s like a PT session every time I go – and at a fraction of the price. I’m pushed to my limits, and my limits keep getting further away. I’ve mastered a lot of the techniques and movements I never thought possible – my first pull ups in 25 years felt amazing – and I’m really proud of what I achieve every single session.”

Andy continues: “I’d say to anyone considering CrossFit that they should just do it!  CrossFit 2012 is like being part of sports club with all the benefits – the physical challenge, team camaraderie, the competition, the fun – but it’s an entirely inclusive sport and CrossFit 2012 promotes that to the full. Everyone can do CrossFit, old or young, male or female, injured or not- and you’re respected most because of the effort you put in, rather than your abilities. Fitness for all!”