Anya’s Story

Anya – a busy mum who’s always at the 6am weekday class because it fits in with her family’s schedule –  first came to CrossFit 2012 in January 2018. We remember her as being a little worried to pick up a barbell – but oh how things have changed since then!

Anya says:  “My CrossFit 2012 story isn’t just about becoming stronger, more active, a stone lighter and living a healthier and happier lifestyle- it’s about tapping into true functional fitness which I never thought I would be able to do after a knee injury more than 20 years ago. I’ve received top level personal support and guidance from the coaches that I’ve never experienced anywhere before. In January 2018 I wasn’t even able to jump on a box – but by September 2018 I was able to deadlift 92kg, jump on an 18 inch box (many times in a row) and do a 60kg reverse lunge.

Anya continues: “The real power of CrossFit 2012 is its coaches and members. Every workout is designed to improve your everyday life.  It goes without saying that the physical progression I have made by dedicating 5 hours a week to CrossFit is incredible, but I keep coming back because of the sense of accomplishment after every workout and because of the support I get from coaches and people I train with.”

When we asked Anya what she’d say to people who were considering CrossFit or CrossFit 2012 (and even those who aren’t considering it) she said, “The CrossFit 2012 community spirit is very positive, we encourage each other to push ourselves further, we celebrate our accomplishments, cheer each other up and on – and the best thing is everyone is able to do it.  Don’t even think about it – just come and grab a barbell!”