Bhuvana’s Story

Bhuvana (Bhu) came to us in October 2014 after she’d discovered cycling and lost 2 stone in weight. Since training at CrossFit 2012 Bhu’s fat levels have decreased from 29% to 20% and she has achieved things she had never been able to dream of – hand stands, pull ups and even rope climbs!

“My biggest achievement has been to be able to wear vest tops which I could never wear before,” says Bhu, “…and my body anatomy has changed completely and now I can wear whatever dress I want.”

“The community aspect of CrossFit is mind blowing,” says Bhu. “ It’s too true that ‘CrossFit is the only sport where the person finishing last gets the most applause’. Apart from being able to carry the entire shopping in one trip from the car to the kitchen, I have learnt that staying humble will never go out of fashion. You rub shoulders with so many strong athletes who treat you as a peer with not a bit of condescension. Everyone is genuinely happy to help and cheer you. For someone struggling with self-doubt on physical pursuits CrossFit has been the perfect medicine.”

Bhu continues: “Having come into this country during adulthood I did not think I could make friends and truly integrate into a community, as I was brought up under very different cultural circumstances. But I have never really felt as much at home anywhere else as I have been at CrossFit 2012. It’s my home away from home. It’s my go-to place when I am sad as well as when I am very happy. We have the best coaches around.”