Grace’s Story

Grace had always done some form of exercise – from aerobics in the 80s to Pilates, Yoga, Running, and Spinning – and for a long time, she had a Personal Trainer. It was when her then PT decided to move out of London that she was encouraged to try CrossFit by us! (Grace is Liz’s mum)

By her own admission, Grace had a slow start with CrossFit. She first attended in February 2014, not long after we opened in our original premises in Kingston. She came along once a week, took a break – and then did the Foundation Course for a second time and started attending twice a week.

Grace says, “CrossFit made me realise that I had never really worked that hard while exercising -but it was fun; and the challenge of CrossFit was exhilarating – though I did need to nap afterwards! Overall, my strength and fitness have improved and as one of the Masters+ members at CrossFit 2012 I have seen no loss of performance in the last 4 years- only gains – which is an achievement in itself.”

What Grace likes most about CrossFit 2012 is “…the variety of the workouts, the coaches, the athletes, social events and the setting at Imber Court – so everything basically!”

Grace’s tips for people considering or starting CrossFit are, “Learn the basics, listen to the coaches and be proud of the improvements you make. Everyone comes to CrossFit with unique physical constraints but you CAN improve and progress and more importantly, you’ll be part of a community. Don’t worry about not knowing what the terminology means at first – everyone’s the same when they start out.”