Kate’s Story

Kate came to us in October 2016, a week after she’d come off crutches. Then 44, Kate had spent a month in hospital & another 2 months on crutches after an accident where she sustained multiple fractures to the pelvis, sacrum & back.

When Kate first came to CrossFit 2012 she was only able to walk for 10 minutes. After 2 months of 121 PT, she completed her first CrossFit Workout. Fast forward to December 2018 and Kate had transitioned from PT to CrossFit classes, could run 5K, deadlift 100KG and lift more than 40KG overhead. Kate also participated in the 2018 CrossFit Open and now trains with us 5 times a week.

“If you’re looking to get fit and strong then CrossFit 2012 is the place”, says Kate. “My family and friends can’t believe what I’ve achieved in the last year. I never thought I’d be able to run again let alone be able to run 5K! I’d known about CrossFit for a few years but never thought it would be for me. My experience absolutely shows that CrossFit is for everyone. I never feel intimidated here – I just feel very supported by other members and the fantastic coaching team. And I’ve made some great friends.

“I’d say to anyone who’s wanting to get fit to definitely come down and give CrossFit 2012 a go – you won’t regret it!”