Sam has been working in the fitness industry since 2008, starting as a fitness instructor in a well-known health club after studying with Premier Training International. Currently she works full time as a successful freelance Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor in Weybridge.

Around 2010, Sam was looking for a new physical challenge and wanted to grow her strength and conditioning knowledge; she found a Weightlifting Club in Sutton and quickly took to it. After 2 years, she competed at Nationals where she podiumed. Fast forward to the present day and Sam finds herself having competed in National Weightlifting Championships, having qualified as a British Weightlifting Coach and even Married to a Weightlifting Coach and CrossFit nut who she met and who coached her all those years ago!

Sam has coached Olympic Weightlifting privately and has coached group sessions at a number of gyms and CrossFit Boxes and has also run in-house competitions at their facilities.

Whilst taking some time off from weightlifting to rehab, Sam found herself searching for an activity to supplement her lifting and still see her friends in the gym.  She went to meet up with her best friend to happened to be a CrossFit coach. Sam was convinced to try a workout with her called “Cindy”, and thinking she was pretty fit, Sam agreed. Sam says: “Let’s just say Cindy put me in my place. I could have never imagined how a simple sounding workout had that much of an effect on me, but I was hooked. I found myself with a load of new challenges and skills to learn, loved the community spirit and started watching any CF video I could find on YouTube.”

In 2015 Sam and her business partner set up a CrossFit Affiliate within a strength and conditioning facility and ran it for a year.  Before long, the classes were well attended and after 6 months they had classes at full capacity. They managed to build a strong and engaging community and helped a number of their members compete in CrossFit style competitions.

The thing Sam most enjoys most about what she does, is the sense of achievement she gets from witnessing the improvements and the development of those she coaches.