John’s Story

Did you know that CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements – the core movements of life? Which got us thinking – how does CrossFit help our members in their places of work? Read about CrossFit 2012 member John – a film & TV stuntman – to find out how CrossFit helps him with his job.

John's Story

John first considered CrossFit having watched events like the CrossFit Games. He says he couldn’t help being impressed with the incredible all-round athleticism of the athletes and recognised that he always trained harder in a structured and encouraging environment so decided to try it out – and in his own words, “…never looked back.”

John came to CrossFit in 2017 with a very active background, having competed internationally in kickboxing and having lots of other sporting hobbies. He’d always tried to keep in reasonable shape but felt that CrossFit would fill some holes in his training and give him a new drive after he stopped competing in martial arts.

“My key achievements since joining CrossFit 2012 have been strengthening all round movements and mobility – and, with careful form and technique, strengthening my lower back – which used to have some weaknesses and was prone to injury,” says John. “It’s an incredibly welcoming atmosphere at CrossFit 2012 with an amazing group of athletes of all levels who encourage and push each other to be better and stronger every day. I like the motivation and encouragement I get from CrossFit 2012 as well as the great variety of training which ensures it never gets boring and covers all areas of fitness.”

“Working as a stuntman in film and television can be a very demanding job physically. Every day is different and you never know what challenge is going to be thrown at you so the best way to be prepared for this is to cover all your bases, making sure you’re strong, agile, mobile and injury free at all times. CrossFit is perfect for this as its programming is always looking to find your weaknesses and strengthen them.”

Curious to find out what John’s worked on? He says, “I’ve been very lucky in my relatively short time as a stuntman to work on some incredible projects, from HBO’s ‘Penny Dreadful’, doubling actor Josh Hartnett to ‘Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” – and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” to name a few. Each has been a unique and exciting job and I learn something new every time so long may that continue.”

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