Success Stories

We work with people of all ages and abilities to achieve their fitness goals. Click on their individual success stories and have a read about what we’ve helped some of our members achieve:

Kate’s Story

Find out how we helped 44 year old Kate recover from multiple fractures to running 5K and deadlifting 100KG in just over a year.

success stories

Andy’s Story

Read about how, when looking for a Personal Trainer, Andy found CrossFit 2012 and achieved his first pull ups in 25 years.


Jools’ Story

Read about how Jools became fitter at the age of 47 than ever before and how he “…can still embarrass the youngsters on occasion!”

Bhuvana’s Story

Find out about how we helped Bhu decrease her fat levels from 29% to 20% and how she feels “at home” at CrossFit 2012.

Grace’s Story

Find out how we have helped Grace, a Masters+ member, improve her strength and fitness.

John’s Story

Read about how we help John keep fit for his work as a TV and Film Stuntman!